SCOOBY-DOO star Matthew Lillard is feeling neglected by his favourite basketball team the LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS - because he's constantly overlooked when he tries for courtside seats.

Lillard is an avid supporter of the Californian team, and he's feeling dejected because he claims he's not regarded as a big enough star to sit up front.

He says, "I'm a big Clippers fan. I don't have courtside seats. I mean, I want courtside seats, but I'm not famous enough to get courtside seats from the Clippers. How many movies do you have to do? I'm a relatively famous guy if you're under 19!"

Lillard, whose seats are three rows from the front, has also observed the other celebrities who have managed to sit courtside.

He continues, "Billy Crystal, big star; there's Mark Wahlberg, big star; Frankie Muniz, he's tiny but he's a big star. I mean, come on, there's a lot of seats around the court!

"I've tried for three years! I've called everyone I know... I love the Clippers and I wish I had seats and I Can't get seats."

Actress Naomi Watts has since heard about Lillard's plight and has promised to get him courtside tickets.

15/08/2004 20:57