SCOOBY-DOO star Matthew Lillard has announced he and his wife HEATHER are expecting their second child.

Lillard and his wife are already parents to two-year-old ADDISON GRACE and are excitedly preparing to welcome their second little girl into the world in the autumn (04).

Making the announcement on Jay Leno's chat show on Thursday night (12AUG04), he told the comedian, "My wife and I are having another child in October (04).

"We just haven't really told anyone, so you're the first. Don't tell anyone!"

And Lillard admitted he's a much more laidback father-to-be this time around - he hasn't even thought of a name for unborn daughter yet.

He added, "The first time you have a baby, every night you go and you read the book and you discover what's happening with the baby, 'Honey today she has a head. The baby has a heart today.' The second baby you're like, 'Oh God, when is this thing coming!'

"I'm not ready, we don't have any furniture, no names, nothing."

15/08/2004 10:34