Matthew Fox has come out in defence of yet more allegations that he beats women, with his co-star Dominic Monaghan having tarred the 'Lost' actor with the same brush that an allegation last year did. Then, he was reported to have punched a female bus driver in the chest and pelvic area after trying to board a reserved bus for a bachelor party in Cleveland, Ohio - ultimately the charges weren't pursued.
However Monaghan has since come out on Twitter and accused Fox of hitting women, going so far as to say that they haven't been irregular incidents. However, sources close to the accused have told Tmz that it's the first they've heard of it, and have gone on to say that their man has never laid his hands on any woman ever. They find the allegations baffling given that he and Monaghan haven't spoken for years, neither have they had a huge falling out.
It's marred an otherwise promising year for Fox as he seeks to move on from his role in the legendary drama series that saw characters stranded on a deserted island. 'Alex Cross,' an American crime thriller comes out in cinemas in October and sees Fox star alongside Tyler Perry in the Rob Cohen directed film.