Matthew Fox has put his Lost salary to good use - he's treated himself to a glider.
The actor recently bought a Bonanza G36 aircraft and fully intends to perfect piloting now he has time to complete his flying lessons as the end of the hit desert island drama looms.
He says, "I have my glider license and a private pilot license, and I'm working on getting my IFR (Instrument Flight) license.
"(My plane is) absolutely the most amazing piece of equipment I've ever been around. I flew one and then ordered my own.
"I understand the mechanics of flight. I'm very mathematical and scientific, and I love the speed and freedom of being able to go from point A to point B in the most direct way."
But Fox tells Playboy magazine he has yet to take his wife and kids up in the air: "She (wife) can't wait until I say, 'It's time for you and me to go flying.'"