Sarah Jessica Parker has launched a second fashion line with Gap Kids.

The 53-year-old actress - who played the fashion obsessed Carrie Bradshaw in the 'Sex and the City' TV series and films - is launching a second capsule collection for the American retailer available from Monday (27.08.18) which is inspired by her three children and their ''different needs''.

Speaking to Harper's Bazaar, Sarah said: ''As a parent of three uniquely different people, I know they have different needs, so it was exciting to think of a way of addressing all of that.

''A lot of the people at Gap design have children, so they too were bringing that information from parenting and getting their kids dressed and out the door.

Although Sarah and her husband Matthew Broderick can provide their kids, eight-year-old twins Tabitha and Marion and son James Wilkie, 15, with luxuries due to their respective acting careers, the Hollywood style icon says the inspiration for her range is ''hand me downs''.

She said: ''We were thinking practicality and comfort; what feels soft and good; what feels stylish but not trendy; how to take this idea of wear, love and hand-me-downs and applying that to pieces for style. There were a lot of interesting things to consider and I feel that we addressed a lot of it.''

The 'Divorce' star - who lives in New York City with her family - admits that her busy life as a working mother has changed her approach to fashion and she is more focused on ''practicality'' now but she still enjoys looking good.

She added: ''It's just about getting out the door with kids now ... Practicality really dominates now. Winter, cold mornings, rain, snow ... I mean if I didn't have children and my mornings were not as they are now, I would be making different choices. It doesn't dominate all my wardrobe decisions, but definitely those early morning hours.

''Style is what the individual brings. More often than not, we are drawn to people because they have personal style. Fashion is what is offered to the consumer. Style is what you make of it.''