Reports that Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane are considering rejoining the Broadway production of The Producers in January (04) has sent fans flocking to the box office.

Although the reports of the two stars' three-month return are only tentative, eager fans were keen to ensure they were first in the queue for the hotly pursued tickets.

The show's spokesman JOHN BARLOW says, "Discussions are taking place between the producers and Nathan and Matthew about the possibility of returning to the show.

"When they come back and for how long is still to be determined."

An amazing 200 fans lined up outside the ST JAMES THEATRE yesterday (6AUG03), ready for its 10am opening for ticket sales.

Fan CLAIRE CASTRO declared, "I'll do anything to see Nathan Lane. I missed the show the first time around and when they left I truly lost interest."

Lane and Broderick played MAX BIALYSTOCK and LEO BLOOM for a one-year run on Broadway that saw The Producers become the hottest show in town with weekly gross sales exceeding $1 million (GBP625,000).

07/08/2003 17:34