Matthew Broderick regrets not keeping in touch with his hero Marlon Brando after they teamed up for comedy THE FRESHMAN, because the pair fell out when the heavyweight star slammed the film.

Broderick was hurt when Brando took it upon himself to criticise the 1995 film as a way to get back at producers over a salary dispute.

He recalls, "He had an argument with somebody about his pay situation in The Freshman, so he threatened and then he carried out his threats.

"He said the movie was bad in the newspaper and we hadn't even finished shooting yet. He really loved it because he called me right away to tell me how much he loved the movie. This was just an argument he was having. He was sort of nuts I guess.

"He then did a whole press conference saying how great it was, which he thought would fix everything, and, of course, everybody remembers when Marlon Brando says something is bad."

06/09/2004 09:02