Actor Matthew Broderick lets his wife Sarah Jessica Parker prepare for the Christmas celebrations because he finds it "a lot of trouble". The PRODUCERS star can't enjoy a simple Christmas with his Sex And The City actress wife and their four-year-old son JAMES WILKE because the trio are always rushing around visiting Parker's extensive family. He says, "Sarah Jessica likes to do most of the work. A typical Christmas for me revolves around family, as well as eating enormous amounts of food. We've only lived in our house for about four years, so it's all a little bit new and having a four year old, Christmas really revolves around him and what he likes. "My wife has an enormous family, lots of brothers and sisters so they come over, and my family come over, and we just juggle going to different houses. "I think it is similar to what everyone does. I always think Christmas is a lot of work. It means decorating, cooking, seeing people. I find it a lot of trouble."