Matt Willis hates animals.

The McBusted member dislikes all creatures due to unpleasant experiences as a youngster, and especially has no desire for a feline companion or a pet pooch because he can't stand it when animals moult fur.

He said: Cats are f**king shit. My mum had this dog when I was growing up called Max and it just got f**king fur all over my school blazer. It was the most annoying f**king thing in the world. I've been an animal hater ever since then.''

The 'Air Guitar' hitmaker - who has five-year-old daughter Isabelle and three-year-old son Ace with his wife, television presenter Emma Willis - admitted he doesn't even enjoy watching clips online of critters doing silly things, much to the outrage of bandmate Tom Fletcher.

He continued: ''Tom sometimes shows me videos of cats and he's like 'dude, you're dead inside'. I just don't give a s**t.''

Despite confessing his hatred for animals, the 31-year-old singer revealed the one pet he would allow is a miniature swine, which he is desperate to welcome into his family.

Speaking to, he added: ''Although me and Emma talked about getting one of those micro pigs.

''I definitely need one of those in my life.''