Matt Willis has praised ''genius'' Jamie Oliver for improving his Christmas cooking skills.

The Busted rocker - who has children Isabelle, nine, Ace, seven, and Trixie, two, with wife Emma - will be taking charge in the kitchen on December 25 and he admitted he wouldn't be so ''brilliant'' at conjuring up the perfect traditional turkey dinner if it wasn't for the celebrity chef's tips.

He told OK! magazine: ''Emma's family are coming to our house this year. I love Christmas dinner, I do everything and I'm brilliant at it.

''A couple of years ago, I bought a Jamie Oliver Christmas Day app and now I've mastered it and I follow that.

''Thank you Jamie, you're a genius!''

Meanwhile, Matt recently admitted he's banned his kids from social media until they are much older because he's ''addicted'' to photo-sharing app Instagram himself.

He said: ''There is no social media in my home until I decide my children can have it.

''When my daughter is at secondary school, she can have a phone so I can contact her.

''At the moment they have no access to it and we don't put them on there.

''I'm addicted to it myself, I'm constantly checking Instagram. It drives my wife nuts.''

Matt's bandmate, Charlie Simpson - who has Arlo, three, and nine-month-old Jago with wife Anna - agrees with his social media stance.

He said: ''You don't want your kid to be the one who doesn't have it, but I won't let my kids go on social media until they're at least 12.''

However, both stars - who are joined in the band by James Bourne, who has no children - are keen to have their kids follow in their musical footsteps.

Charlie said: ''I want them to - Arlo's really musical. ''I'll encourage it but I'll also be very frank about the music industry today.''

Matt added: ''I want my kids to go into music. I just got Ace his first bass for his birthday.''