Former BUSTED star Matt Willis is refusing to react bitterly to ex-bandmate Charlie Simpson's exit from the band - because his new rock project is a "kick a*s" live experience.

Simpson quit the CRASHED THE WEDDING pop trio - now a duo - last month (JAN05) to pursue glory with his rock band Fightstar, and after seeing them perform in concert, Willis understands why the hunky singer wanted to leave.

He says, "His band kick a*s! I've heard his EP and its fantastic… I went to his first gig, his second, his third, his fourth.

"Charlie is in an Emo band - a post hardcore band. He is not out there to make money. He is not out there to be Charlie, the face of ELLE GIRL.

"At the end of the day he is one of my best friends and I wish him all the best because I can see how happy he is."

02/02/2005 02:33