Former GUNS N' ROSES drummer Matt Sorum is teaming up with THE RUNAWAYS star Cherie Currie next week (beg09Aug10) to open for her former bandmate Joan Jett.
The Velvet Revolver rocker will join Currie for a special one-off show to support Joan Jett and The Blackhearts at the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, California on Wednesday (11Aug10).
Sorum admits he is delighted to have been asked to play the Runaways' hits with Currie and he is looking forward to stepping into the shoes of the band's drummer Sandy West
He says, "(Cherie) called one day and asked if I would help put a band together and I quickly responded with a 'yes!'
"I recruited (some musician friends and) Cherie's son, Jake Hayes, will be rocking the other guitar and vocals. We are doing a bunch of Runaways tracks that are so fun to play.
"Sandy West's drumming was so cool... (We'll also be playing) a couple of surprise covers and, of course, Cherry Bomb."
And fair organiser Steve Beazley is hoping Jett will join Currie onstage during the set: "When two artists are in the same venue anything can happen. It's so fun of Joan and Cherie to be mum on it (secretive about it), but gosh darn, if they're in same building and (if) they don't do something together, well, something's just wrong with the universe."