Drummer Matt Sorum was fired from rock group GUNS N' ROSES when he objected to Axl Rose's declaration that he was the only vital member of the band.

Sorum, now playing in supergroup Velvet Revolver, first flew into a rage after hearing guitarist PAUL HUGE slam former Guns guitarist Slash.

He then went on to leave the WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE band after falling out with Rose over his arrogant belief the group only needed him.

Sorum says, "I said (to Huge), 'Listen motherf**ker, when I'm sitting in the room, I'd appreciate it if you don't f**king say s**t about Slash. He's my friend.'

"Then Axl got in my face. I said, 'Axl, man, you're f**king smoking crack if you think this band's GN'R without Slash. You're gonna go play SWEET CHILD O' MINE with f**king Paul Huge? Sorry dude, it ain't gonna sound right.'

"Axl says, 'I'm Guns N' Roses - I don't need Slash. I'm Guns N' Roses.' I said, 'You know what? No, you aren't.'

"This bulls**t went on for about another 20 minutes. And then Axl finally said, 'Well, are you gonna f**king quit?' I said, 'I don't f**king quit.'

"So he said, 'Well, then you're f**king fired.' Paul Huge chased me out to the parking lot and said, 'Just come back in and apologise.'

"I said, 'F**k you, YOKO. I'm gone.' And that was it. I went home to my f**king six-level palatial rock star estate with two elevators. About a month later I got the letter from the lawyers."

23/11/2004 17:43