Matt Smith doesn't let his fame affect his personal life.

The 29-year-old actor has achieved huge recognition in the UK, US and around the world with his starring role in 'Doctor Who' but he insists he still does the same normal things as everyone else because it's ''important'' to be able to do everyday things.

However, Matt - who plays the titular Time Lord in the BBC One sci-fi series - does wear a hat on public transport so he isn't spotted by fans.

When asked by BANG Showbiz if his fame had comprised his life like James Bond star Daniel Craig - who complained this week he can no longer go to the pub because he is mobbed - Matt said: ''You have to live your life as normal as you can. I get the train and wear a hat, but I do because I think you've got to go about your everyday life as best you can.

''It's slightly different for Daniel Craig he's a global superstar. I'm not quite on the James Bond level but, hey, that's the plan.''

The actor also revealed he has started getting a few grey hairs in the past year.

Matt is worried about his luscious locks losing their lustre, because his dad went grey very young.

Speaking at the Doctor Who Experience' - where he was having his hands cast in cement - he said: ''I'm getting grey hairs! I've got three grey hairs, it's a nightmare, my dad went grey really early as well.''

Matt's hand prints are the start of a walk of fame for stars of the series at the interactive attraction in Cardiff, Wales.