Matt Smith has said the royal family ''s**t'' just like everybody else.

The 35-year-old actor plays Prince Philip in Netflix series 'The Crown' which sees him and co-star Claire Foy, who plays a young Queen Elizabeth, Philip's wife and the British monarch.

In the show the pair are scene in bedroom scenes which cut short before anything racy starts to happen out of respect for the real-life royal family but Matt thinks it's good the programme shows the family as being normal like everyone else.

Matt told The I Paper: ''That's the thing, isn't it? As members of the public, we think 'Well, the royal family don't do that [have sex]!'

''But they eat, breathe, s**t, sleep like the rest of us. They are royal but they are a family like anyone else.''

The new series of 'The Crown' covers Prince Philip's four month Commonwealth tour in 1956 without the Queen or their children, and includes a scene in which his private secretary writes a letter detailing the widespread ''infidelity'' of the tour.

Former 'Doctor Who' star Matt has praised show creator Peter Morgan for exploring the royal family in an ''unapologetic way'' to show the audience that Philip, 96, and Elizabeth, 91, are ''human beings''.

Matt said: ''I think he's looking at this family in an unapologetic way. They are the royal family but they are fallible like any other family, and he [Philip] is a human being. He has or has not made mistakes in the past ... I'm intrigued to see the choice that people make as an audience.''

Matt recently admitted he very much wants to meet Prince Philip because he finds him such an interesting man.

He said: ''I'd really like to meet Prince Philip. He's an enigma. He's too cool, he's too cool for school. I've not been asked to meet him. That's what I love about him - he's done what he wants, when he wants, how he wants, with whom he wants. He hasn't asked permission and his wife's the queen.''