Matt Smith says men working in the entertainment industry can be ''objectified'' just like women.

'The Crown' star has revealed he has felt as though he's been on the receiving end of unwanted sexual attention by men whilst working as an actor and he hopes now that major Hollywood players such as Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey have been taken to task for much more serious offences the working environment for actors will change for the better.

Matt believes the problem of sexual harassment needs to be addressed in all industries though so people can be free to work without being troubled.

In an interview with The Telegraph Magazine, the former 'Doctor Who' star said: ''The conversation shouldn't stop at this industry just because these are 'celebrities' who we know about who are involved. It has to be broader. People in other industries have to have a platform to be heard as well. What happens to the cleaner or the lady who works in a clothes shop?

''That's not to say I haven't been objectified before by men, because I have - just like women are objectified. It is not exclusive to them. This happens to men, too.''

Matt - who is dating 'Downton Abbey' star Lily James - is reprising his role as Prince Philip in Season 2 of Netflix drama 'The Crown' opposite Claire Foy, who portrays British monarch Queen Elizabeth II, the wife of Philip.

'The Crown' also stars Matthew Goode as Lord Snowdon, Dexter's Michael C. Hall as John F. Kennedy and Anton Lesser as Harold Macmillan and it will premiere on December 8.