British comedy actor Matt Lucas has never dared to learn to drive because he fears his daydreaming would lead to a serious accident.
The 37-year-old Alice In Wonderland star relies on taxis to get around, and he is adamant he will never step behind the wheel himself, as his absent-mindedness would make him a danger on the roads.
He says, "People see my impressions as a great skill and I am flattered, but there are things I can't do that everyone else can. I can do funny voices and funny faces but I can't drive.
"I am a bit of a daydreamer. I am not joking, sometimes if I go for a wee I am there for 15 minutes before I remember to go. My mind just drifts.
"I am worried I'll be there driving along and I'll go, 'Oh yeah, that (chocolate) Topic bar I ate was a bit smaller than they used to be', and bam, smash, it's James Dean all over again."