LITTLE BRITAIN star Matt Lucas has rubbished claims that the new series will be the last and he insists much loved characters VICKY POLLARD and DAFFYD are here to stay.

The portly English actor is overwhelmed by the success of the BBC comedy sketch show and has no plans to stop while it continues to savage the UK ratings war.

He says, "We'll be doing lots more Little Britain. As well as the tour we'll do a Christmas special and some other things next year.

"Ultimately, we want to keep on doing it for as long as people want to watch it - and if the shows are anything to go by they do.

"Because of the tour, it'll be difficult to make another series next year, but we'll do a Christmas Special and see.

"Maybe we'll come back with a fourth series after all. As long as DAVID (WALLIAMS) and I enjoy working together, we'll carry on.