LITTLE BRITAIN star Matt Lucas tried to save his tragic ex-husband from a drug addiction by checking him into a rehabilitation centre last year (08), according to a U.K. report.
Lucas' former partner Kevin MCGee was found hanged at his Edinburgh, Scotland apartment on Monday morning (05Oct09).
MCGee, who left a dark message on his page in the hours leading up to his suicide, was said to have been depressed for months and was allegedly battling an addiction to cocaine.
The comic paid $1,500 (£1,000) a night for MCGee to stay at the Causeway Retreat in Essex, England in 2008 in a bid to turn his life around, according to Britain's The Sun newspaper.
A source tells the publication, "It didn't work. Kevin loved his drink, drugs and men. His sleeping around was a real slap in the face for Matt.
"He tried so hard to stop him taking drugs and to sort his life out. But Kevin was out of control. Matt still loved him deep in his heart and hated that they split."
And the insider insists Lucas is still reeling from the shock news his ex is dead: "Matt is in a black hole of despair - he's so low it's terrible. He has been crying and feeling really angry about Kevin's death."
Police have ruled out any suspicious circumstances in MCGee's death.