Matt LeBlanc would never consider acting in the theatre - because it is too hard.

The 50-year-old actor is happy to stick to sitcoms because he's used to the working process, and he has no desire to perform the same lines night after night on stage.

Matt was asked on 'The Graham Norton Show' if he has ever acted in a play, to which he replied: ''Nope. Never been in one. Never want to be in one. It's too steep a hill for me. I like sitcoms - you do one performance and that is it. You learn your lines, you perform and

then you delete.''

The 'Episodes' actor - who now presents car show 'Top Gear' on the BBC - accepts he will always be best known for playing Joey Tribbiani iconic US show 'Friends' and he gets recognized for the role in the most unusual places around the world with people desperate to say his catchphrases to him.

Matt explained: ''We were filming 'Top Gear' in the Atlas Mountains in the middle of nowhere and this guy came out from a cave and said, 'Hey, how are you doin?' ''

Matt has a 13-year-old daughter Marina, by his model ex-wife Melissa McKnight, who lives in California, while he lives in London with 'Top Gear' producer Aurora Mulligan.

Speaking about how he splits his time between the two continents he said: ''It's half and half. I have a flat here with my girlfriend but my home is in LA.''

He joked: ''I spend a lot of time here so I have to kind of like it!''

Matt is a guest on the 'The Graham Norton Show' which airs on BBC One on Friday April 20 at 10.35pm.