The former Friends star was joined by professional rally driver Ken Block as he drove round the capital in a Ford Mustang on Saturday (12Mar16), and seemingly interrupted a wedding that was taking place at the historic St Paul's Cathedral.

The bride and groom were seen approaching the car and talking to LeBlanc, and he waved to the happy couple and their guests as they sped off.

However, the situation was not as it seemed, and MailOnline report the wedding was in fact staged for filming. A volunteer at the cathedral spotted the pair having coffee earlier on Saturday morning, and confirmed to the website that no weddings were scheduled to take place throughout the day.

Charlotte Morris said, "I saw the bride sitting in Starbucks at about 8am with an anorak over her head and her feet up while drinking a cappuccino. Both the bride and the groom were in there having a coffee.

"I've been in the cathedral all day because it's disabled access day. All of the volunteer staff were in today but to the best of my knowledge none of us knew about a wedding being booked."

Despite the alleged fake wedding stunt, motorists were left furious across London as many central roads were closed for the day while LeBlanc and the rest of the crew filmed.

The actor posted photos of his motoring exploits around the capital on, and shared a photo of their Ford Mustang billowing smoke in front of the "newlyweds" on Sunday. "Good times," he captioned the shot, which shows him waving out of the car's window to the gathered crowds.