The two presenters have taken the helm of car show Top Gear, replacing popular hosts Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, who all exited in 2015 after Jeremy was sacked for punching a producer.

While Matt and Chris’ Top Gear is yet to hit screens, there has been intense speculation over the pair’s relationship.

“All this stuff that Chris and I are at war with each other is a big load of bulls**t. We've never had a rift!" Matt insisted to Radio Times.

"I'm a true car fan, Chris is a true car fan. We're hanging out, having a laugh, doing our best. He is an extremely smart guy. I'd beat him in a race, though – and you can tell him I said that."

It’s not just their friendship that has come into question; the show has already faced a backlash because of an ill advised stunt, involving Matt filming a car stunt close to London war memorial The Cenotaph.

Matt concedes the British press have been “ruthless” when it comes to the Top Gear revival, but he promises doubters they’ve not set out to break rules or upset anyone.

"I know it's a big show but hey, we're not cowboys," he said, "it's all meticulously planned, permission granted, in writing."

The former Friends actor, best known for playing loveable Joey Tribbiani on the award-winning U.S. series, also has a few words for those still mourning the loss of the former Top Gear trio: "I wasn't there when any of it went down. It's not my fault they're gone. I didn't put a gun in anyone's mouth."

Top Gear returns to the BBC on 29 May.