Matt Lauer had finally ended months of speculation as to his future with NBC's 'Today' show, signing a new long-term contract to remain as co-host. According to, Lauer could make almost $30 million a year, making him one of the highest paid television personalities.

Lauer announced the news on the Today show on Friday morning (April 6, 2012), saying, "This is my family", as his crew and co-anchors burst into applause. He later joked, "Truth be told.I was developing an idea for a new show, where viewers could tune in every morning and see someone they know lose a little more of his hair every single day right in front of their eyes. But then I thought, I could just stay here and do that". Reports suggest Lauer could end up making close to $30 million a year - which he asked for - though Ann Curry may not be renewed as his co-anchor. Though Today is a guaranteed ratings banker, Good Morning America has been gaining ground on the show in the past few months, possibly because of the uncertainty surrounding Lauer's future. He has reportedly discussed joining former co-host Katie Couric on a new venture, but now says he would be staying with Today for "a long time".

A regular fixture on the show since 1994 - Lauer is famous for his globe-hopping "Where in the world is Matt Lauer?' segments.