Matt Goss wants a wife with a ''warm heart'' and a ''dirty mind''.

The 50-year-old Bros singer is currently single but would like to settle down and has very simple criteria in what he's looking for in a woman.

Asked what he wants in a wife, he said: ''Warm heart, dirty mind.''

The 'I Owe You Nothing' hitmaker thinks the #MeToo movement has made men and women ''terrified of each other'' but he doesn't believe he has anything to worry about with his own conduct.

He told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''I like being Matt Goss. I like being a man. I say it's good to be a man and in regards to the #MeToo movement, my mother taught me to be a gentleman. I don't need anything to remind me to be a gentleman.''

Matt shot to fame alongside his twin brother Luke and though they find their relationship ''lovely'', it has been frustrating that they are always referred to collectively.

Luke said: ''Sometimes, it's lovely. But when you're a kid you're referred to as 'they', 'they', 'they'. Even if what you're doing is extremely different - I might have won a medal, Matt might have done this - they'd go, 'Oh, you guys...'

''I remember once I'd had my first number one movie and that comment showed up. And I was like, he wasn't even on set!

''It's silly now, I can laugh about it. But as a boy, you want your mum to be proud of you. It's a very simple desire but it's a common condition for twins.''

The pair's bond came under scrutiny in their recent documentary, 'After The Screaming Stops', and Luke said they found filming ''unexpectedly bridge-building and somewhat therapy''.

However, his brother admitted that doesn't mean they hang out together very much when they're not working.

Matt said: ''We don't spend more time together, no. Luke stayed at my house during rehearsals [for recent shows], which was lovely. We had a massive couple of rows in the rehearsals - and then he had to come back to my house, which was a beautiful consequence.''