Matt Goss is hoping his mum is back in good health this Christmas after battling cancer.

The former Bros singer, 45, and his twin brother Luke have had a tough year after their mum was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Matt exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''My mum's not been well and it's been a long seven months, we hope to get the all-clear in the middle of December.

''Truly, that's what I want for Christmas - I just want the family to be well.''

Matt has flown home from Las Vegas a few times to visit his mother and took her to see 'Stricly Come Dancing', ahead of his appearance in the show's Christmas special.

Matt said: ''I've surprised her a few times, took her to 'Strictly', and I try and play the [Royal] Albert Hall a lot and my mum was at every one of my shows last month. I Skype her every day. I believe in the power of prayer.''

The singer hopes to perform at Christmas as well as spend time with those closest to him and says he only has one New Year's resolution - to stay alive.

Matt said: ''I just want to be here next year. I like dancing through life and being surprised, doing different things.

''Music is taking me round the world and I hope it continues to do that for as long as possible.''