Matt Dillon failed to impress his co-star Patrick Swayze on the set of THE OUTSIDERS - because he was "too cool".

Swayze lived with Dillon and co-stars Tom Cruise, Rob Lowe and EMILIO ESTEVEZ while they made the cult Francis Ford Coppola movie in 1983, and though he gelled with the others, he hated the DRUGSTORE COWBOY actor.

Speaking to Los Angeles magazine VENICE, Swayze recalls, "I taught these kids all these skills I knew: how to fight, how to do back flips and hand stands. I was teaching gymnastics classes to all the guys every day.

"The only one who was too cool to work with us was Matt Dillon. He was much more into that, 'I'm a New Yorker. I ain't into that stuff. That's pussy stuff.'"

15/06/2004 17:14