Movie hunk Matt Dillon will never work with monkeys again after a simian nightmare ensued on the set of his directorial debut City of Ghosts.

The actor was surrounded by monkeys while filming in Cambodia and so he decided to use one of them in his movie - but it proved to be a very bad idea.

He explains, "I added a scene with this monkey where it steals my sunglasses. We figured we'd get a wild monkey and train it -I thought it was a relatively simple thing to do.

"The monkey we got was absolutely insane. It jumps on me and bites my arm and then he jumps on one of the women working on the film and he jumps on her head, grabs hold of her ear and bites a chunk out of her ear. She freaks out.

"We had to get another monkey. We had to go to Thailand but we couldn't get a visa for the monkey, so we had to get papers cleared to get the monkey into the country.

"We get this new monkey and he's very good. He does everything that we need and we had him on this little fishing line so he doesn't escape. Of course he breaks that, runs down the side of the hotel, 150 Cambodian kids chase him across the square into the post office.

"We're losing the light and the line producer is sweating. We eventually got him back, but hell, man, those monkeys. Never again."

24/04/2003 09:46