Matt Dillon has filmed a fishy comedy sketch which shows him as an over-enthusiastic hunter firing off a gun into a lake.
The Crash star plays the role of an angler advertising a new weapon to shoot prey out of the water in a video for comedy website Funny Or Die.
Dillon is seen promoting the 'Daytona' gun and even handing the massive weapon to a small child, warning, "No fish is safe".
He says, "Whether you're 80 or eight-years-old, the Daytona turns fish in a lake into fish in a barrel... It's the best way to kill fish, bar none. Just take the gun, point it down into your fishing hole and fire away. No fish is safe from a Daytona... Some of you folks at home are probably saying 'I'd like to catch even more fish.' Kill more, win more and come home with a smile on your face and dinner in your cooler."