Matt Dillon'S new heist movie 'Takers' is considered to be part of the 'worst movie weekend of 2010', according to the New York Magazine's Vulture blog. Dillon stars in the story of a group of professional bank robbers who specialise in spectacular heists. The criminals are pulled into one last job, however, they are pitted against detective Jack Welles - played by Dillon - who attempts to foil their final robbery. The film also stars Hayden Christensen, Idris Elba, and Paul Walker.
However, despite the ensemble cast, Takers (release today, 27th August 2010) has failed to excite the critics, leaving many commenting on how Dillon in particular could be lending his acting talent to better roles. 'Vulture' blog wrote, "Planning a trip to the cinema this weekend? It's the end of August and Hollywood assumes everyone in America is on vacation, so unless you live in New York or L.A., you have just two new choices: the Matt Dillon-starring, bank-robbing actioner Takers or the critically tolerated Eli Roth-produced demon-possession thriller The Last Exorcism, neither of which seem worth a case of bedbugs.So, we wondered - is this truly the worst movie weekend of 2010?".
Dillon's impressive career in film peaked in 2005 when he was nominated for an ACADEMY AWARD for his role in 'Crash', however his last two films, 'Old Dogs' starring John Travolta, 'Armoured', with Jean Reno have failed to set to box-office alight.