Movie star Matt Dillon is upset he risked serious injury for a stunt which was cut out of his new movie ARMORED.
The Drugstore Cowboy star agreed to be set ablaze for one tough scene because he didn't want to be the first actor to show fear in the face of danger - but he's now regretting his actions because the big stunt doesn't feature in the final cut of the action movie.
He recalls, "We did one take and I notice my leg's getting a little bit warm and so they put me out with the fire extinguisher and they say, 'Oh, by the way, if you get even a little bit warm, you have to let us know... There's a thing called the creep and if you get warm, you're gonna get hot and we're gonna have to put you out.'
"I was like, 'It would have been nice if you told me before I did the first take.'
"They ended up cutting that out. Can you believe it? They set me on fire twice and they didn't even use it in the movie."