Actor Matt Dillon picked up a new fashion habit which upset his co-stars when he was filming his new movie City of Ghosts in Cambodia - wearing sarongs.

The Hollywood screen hunk says he enjoyed donning the skirt-like piece of attire - even if it left his co-star James Caan unimpressed.

Dillon says, "I actually liked it. I think it's a really comfortable way to go. I remember one day getting up and going down to the hotel to get an iced coffee and I was wearing a sarong.

"James Caan was sitting there and he looked at me like I was out of my mind like, 'What is he doing, wearing flip-flops and a sarong?'

"I saw him later and he was wearing a nice shirt and I said, 'Jimmy that's a really nice shirt,' At the end of the film he gave me the shirt. I said, 'Jimmy that was a really nice gesture. He said, 'Yeah Matt, I gave it you 'cause you dress like a freakin' slob!'

"Needless to say I still have that shirt. I haven't worn it since - it's still hanging in my closet."

29/04/2003 09:38