Movie hunk Matt Dillon was forced to sacrifice a family of goats on the set of his directorial debut CITY OF GHOSTS - to save his cast and crew from a hungry tiger.

The DRUGSTORE COWBOY actor insisted on bringing a water buffalo onto the set in Cambodia for one complex shoot - but the scent of the beast drew the interest of a big cat.

Dillon explains, "The production manager came up to me and said, `Do you think we can finish shooting the water buffalo today?' and I said, `I don't think so DANNY because we have to get other shots finished.' I said, `Why, what's the problem?'

"He says, `We have a tiger and it had been drawn to the base camp by the scent of the water buffalo, but don't worry about it I'll just leave out another goat.

"I felt bad about it but tigers have to eat too."

05/05/2003 01:58