Movie star Matt Dillon was left so stressed out after making his directorial debut with the critically acclaimed City of Ghosts, he fell into a boozy stupor that led to a frightening bar brawl. The CRASH star recalls returning to Cambodia, where he made the 2002 film, and finding himself hooked on local alcohol. But what started as a break from Hollywood led to a boozed-up Dillon picking a fight with a backpacker. He recalls, "I got into an altercation with some a**hole Australian backpacker." The traveller reportedly headbutted Dillon in the fracas that followed and the actor admits he just went crazy. He adds, "I got up. I don't talk about it much, because it's kind of embarrassing. I started pounding him. He was trying to get away from me. I was out of my mind." Dillon now tries to keep himself busy because he accepts beer and boredom do not sit well with him. He concludes, "I wasn't used to being idle and just being alone with my thoughts and feelings."