Hollywood star Matt Dillon has directed the comeback video for US rockers DINOSAUR JR. The SOMETHING ABOUT MARY star landed the job of shooting BEEN THERE ALL THE TIME after seeing the band play in New York, and wasn't quick to reject their ideas for the music promo. He recalls, "They said, 'We wanna do a video, are you interested in directing?'. So I said 'Yeah, what's the song about?' They said 'Uhhh ... chicks.' And I said, 'OK, so what do you want in the video?' And they said 'Uhhh... models?' "But I think the whole rock video thing is overdone, and I wanted to show that the band still have that raw edge playing as a band." The promo for Been There All The Time sees Dinosaur Jr playing in Sonic Youth's basement. The track is from the band's forthcoming album BEYOND.