LATEST: Actor Matt Dillon has declared that he was the one who was fearing for his life as his helicopter plummeted - not Matt Damon, as was recently reported.

Reports had emerged that THE BOURNE IDENTITY star Damon endured a treacherous helicopter ride from Norway to Sweden for an appearance on a TV show, but Dillon now clarifies that he was the celebrity passenger in question.

He says, "I just got back from Norway... and I think this helicopter trip I took from Oslo to Stockholm took about 10 years off my life. I do not like helicopters, I have to say.

"There are certain things that are worth risking your life over and a talk show isn't one of them. They wanted me to fly to do this talk show in Stockholm and the only way they could do it, the producer and director told me, was to take a helicopter.

"It was raining and it was windy and all I was thinking was, 'We're gonna go down in this helicopter.' I guess it was about an hour into it and all of a sudden the alarm went off and started blasting...

"I looked over at the pilot and he looked as confused as I was. He was like trying to get the stick in control... and I said, 'We're going down. That's it.'

"In any case, we got down to the ground and I just turned to the producer and I politely said, 'You're gonna get me on an airplane back to Oslo!'"

07/05/2005 01:45