Matt Dillon had fun with his Best Supporting Actor Oscar loss and his controversial race film CRASH when he hosted Saturday Night Live at the weekend (11MAR06) - by reading out the speech he would have given at the Academy Awards. The actor began what would have been his acceptance speech by poking fun at George Clooney, who beat him to the Oscar, stating, "Clooney, you can't win 'em all." He also had a laugh at Crash co-star, and fellow Oscar nominee Terrence Howard, admitting, "I didn't get to see the pimp movie (HUSTLE + FLOW); it's probably not for me." Dillon then showed off his comedy skills with a speech about the ethnic minorities on the set of Oscar-winning movie Crash, which set out to highlight racial issues in Los Angeles. He said, "I wanna thank all the Asians in the cast. I'm sorry I kept getting all you guys confused... Oh, and the Hispanics... God such an amazing work ethic on those people. "I was so tired at the end of the day and to think that they all had to run off to jump into the back of one pick-up truck and go to their second and third jobs. "Oh, and the Arab family - I know none of you are going to believe this, but they were so nice... and so clean. "All the gays in the wardrobe department, snaps to you. My agent, my manager, the producers... Heck, all the Jews who worked in this production. "And, of course I'd like to thank my mom. I come from a big Irish family and my mother was always able to take the time to put down the potato peeler and her flask of whisky, give me and my 16 brothers and sisters all the love and support we'd need." Dillon also had fun on the show portraying a unicorn salesman, a steroid-using personal trainer, travel agent and TWILIGHT ZONE host Rod Serling.