Hollywood hunk Matt Dillon's directorial debut City of Ghosts has caused anger amongst Asians - because of its portrayal of Cambodian women.

ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY Professor MELINDA DE JESúS says, "We thought it was very racist and problematic. Cambodia is a backdrop here for a story of white masculinity. There are almost no other representations of Cambodian women except as prostitutes in this film."

DRUGSTORE COWBOY star Dillon wrote and directed the movie, and also plays a con-man who travels to Cambodia to collect a share of an insurance scam.

The professor confronted Dillon at a question-and-answer session following the film, and says, "He completely freaked out. He called me a 'paratrooper of political correctness.' He kept yelling, 'This is the truth about Cambodians!'"

Dillon counters, "They saw the film and said they didn't like the way the women were portrayed - the characters who were prostitutes.

"They offered me some books to read. Women's studies or something. I think they were being a little too politically correct."