US comedienne Sarah Silverman angered fans at her London debut by performing for only 40 minutes.

The 38-year-old, whose new DVD Jesus is Magic was recently released, was heckled and received a slow handclap from Sunday's audience after her brief set at the Hammersmith Apollo.

Having paid around £50 per ticket, audience members shouted: "I've seen longer clips on YouTube" and "you're over-hyped Sarah" following her reportedly anxious performance.

Though she has been labelled "the funniest woman alive", newspaper critics and comedy websites look to have been disappointed by Silverman's London bow, which featured a Q&A session as an encore, due to her lack of material.

Steve Bennett from said that "minute for minute, there are sex phonelines that are cheaper than Sarah Silverman".

"She is a guiltily enjoyable act, but just when she starts to hit her stride, she calls time on the gig - over when it had barely begun," he wrote.

"With this shockingly brief performance she delivers a stinging insult to the fans who had been so ready to laud her."

The Daily Telegraph's Dominic Cavendish, meanwhile, talked of the Hammersmith audience as "mutinous" and "immovable" and said the comic had "skipped away in near-disgrace" following her set.

Silverman's poorly-received London debut follows her unconvincing appearance on the BBC's Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

Many viewers claimed the most amusing portion of her appearance was when the clip of YouTube sensation 'I'm F*****g Matt Damon', in which she joked about an affair with the action star, was played.

20/10/2008 17:01:06