Matt Damon credits his role in movie flop All the Pretty Horses as his greatest - even though the film almost cost him his career.

Damon was upset with the finished version of the film, which also starred Penelope Cruz, and preferred director Billy Bob Thornton's cut, which wasn't released.

And he admits the film was so bad it led to him losing role after role.

He explains, "There's a version of that movie that exists that was Billy Bob Thornton's cut of it that I really do love and I'm really happy that I did that movie.

"I'm still really proud of that movie in that form that no-one ever saw, but, with the process of doing it, I got a lot out it.

"It's weird to talk about my career in terms of success. Before THE BOURNE IDENTITY, I hadn't been offered a movie in a year because THE LEGEND OF BAGGER VANCE had come out and bombed and All The Pretty Horses had come out and bombed. It was nearly over."

13/07/2004 02:23