BRAD PITT saved Matt Damon from potentially choking to death during a late-night dinner at a Chicago restaurant.

The hunky actor was out dining with his OCEAN'S ELEVEN co-star when disaster struck, forcing Pitt to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre on Damon when a piece of trapped steak left him gasping for air.

A fellow diner explains, "Matt was gorging on this steak like it was his last meal.

"He was obviously enjoying every bit and eating very quickly without properly chewing when tragedy almost struck."

Damon started gagging as a chunk of beef became lodged and blocked his airway.

Pitt grabbed him and squeezed his upper body with so much pressure, the offending morsel of beef shot out of Damon's mouth.

The diner adds, "Lord knows what would have happened to Matt if Brad hadn't reacted so quickly."

02/05/2004 10:27