Actor Matt Damon's critically-panned movie GERRY is to be held up to the scrutiny of the British cinema-going audience - after bombing in America.

Damon teams up with Casey Affleck, younger brother of BEN, in the movie, which features endless shots of them walking through a desert without uttering a word.

Matt admits 75 per cent of people hated the film when it was shown at this year's (03) Sundance Film Festival in Utah, America, and many disgruntled viewers walked out before it ended.

But he's convinced the audience judged the movie too soon after it began, and insists those who sit through it will be happy they did.

He says, "They say you get ten minutes at the beginning of a movie to kind of announce what the movie is, and the audience will forgive that and go along with it, or they'll get up and walk out.

"It's the kind of movie that, if it wasn't working for you and you were forced to sit through it, you'd be bitter and angry.

"But if you'd gone in and bought a ticket you may have walked out after ten minutes. If you didn't, if you were along for the ride, then it would be something better."

13/08/2003 00:14