Matt Damon's new movie GERRY was one of the first films to be hit by impending war in the Middle East - and he's convinced the project was cursed.

The GOOD WILL HUNTING star, who co-wrote, produced and starred in the desert drama with pal Casey Affleck, had to pack up the crew and move back to America after authorities told him and director GUS VAN SANT shooting in Jordan wasn't safe.

Damon had already been forced to cancel shooting in Argentina due to his miscalculations about the country's winter weather, and Affleck admits they all thought the project was doomed.

He says, "It was somehow overlooked that it would be winter in Argentina. A week into shooting the desert was covered with snow.

"It was freezing and Gus had the only cabin with a fireplace, so we'd all huddle in there around this little TV, and we were watching Lawrence Of Arabia. It looked so warm and desert-y and golden and we were like, 'Where did they shoot this?'

"So we went to Jordan and two days after we arrived the State Department were recommending Americans evacuate the area. That's when we said, 'Let's just do it in Death Valley."

But the hardships didn't end there.

Affleck adds, "We couldn't shoot in the middle of the day because people would have heat strokes, so we'd start at four or five in the morning and shoot until 10 and then we'd go back in the evening.

"It's kind of petty bitching. I mean, I'm not pouring concrete in Siberia, but, for a movie set, it was pretty tough."