Matt Damon wants to be an extra in a Steven Soderbergh film.

The Hollywood star has appeared in as many of the filmmaker's movies as his pal George Clooney, and with them each having a project with the director in the pipeline, Matt is determined to outdo his friend in the collaboration stakes.

He said: "We're tied at six. But I'm going to win - that's all I'm saying.

"We each have another one lined up with Steve and then I'm hoping that I can sneak in as an extra in the one he directs after that. I told Steven that it really matters to me. I want the title. I really want it."

Matt can next be seen in Steven's 'Contagion', a thriller about a lethal pandemic that sweeps the world and the actor admits the subject matter made everyone involved in the movie more hygiene-conscious.

He said: "Steve actually sent The Script over with a note that read, 'Read this and then wash your hands.'

"We were saying when we were making the movie, 'We should get some stocks in Purell [a hand sanitiser]'. We did have that conversation."