Matt Damon hopes his film 'Green Zone' is important.

The 39-year-old actor, who reunites with 'Bourne' trilogy director Paul Greengrass for the Iraq war movie, has high hopes people will learn something from the movie.

He told the BBC: "This really follows that time period in 2003 when we all first went in and we were all on this desperate hunt to discover what we were sure Hussein had.

"I hope it's important. We're very good in Hollywood of overstating the importance of what we're doing so I don't wanna be jumping up and beating my chest about how important this film will be.

"I hope that we have a good account of ourselves and make a really wonderful movie. We want to make a movie that people want to go and see and people want to talk about afterwards."

The film follows the story of Matt's character Roy Miller, a soldier in Iraq who goes rogue while on the hunt for weapons of mass destruction in the country.

'Green Zone' is released in the UK and US on March 12.