Matt Damon hates his new moustache.

The actor - who has grown the new facial hair style for his upcoming film 'True Grit' - detests the stubbly upper lip he is sporting but is determined to keep growing it in a bid to impress movie bosses.

He said: "This is for my new movie with the Coen Brothers. We're redoing 'True Grit'. I'll show it to them this week. If they like it, fine. If not, I'll try again. I actually hate the thing."

Although he has been forced to put up with a style he doesn't like, the 39-year-old star generally doesn't mind being a movie star.

He explained to the New York Post newspaper: "You know, this is all I ever wanted to do in life - be a movie actor. Since I was a kid. My first essay at Harvard I wrote: 'For as long as I've been alive I've wanted to be an actor.' "