Matt Damon says he has started washing his hands more often now that he has seen the effects of viruses during the filming of his new movie Contagion.

"I wash my hands more, I've travelled a lot so I think I have immunities but I'm mindful as we all should be I think" he joked while speaking to Access Hollywood during the premiere of the star-studded movie which includes fellow A-listers such as Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Laurence Fishburne. He also added he tries to keep his children as germ free as possible "We live in New York and we share a lot of community spaces, you know, the parks and the streets and if you have little kids they're touching everything and putting their hands in their mouth and it's a thing to keep on top of." Contagion tells the story of the outbreak of a deadly disease that has no known cure and the international team of doctors charged with creating a cure.

Matt Damon was born in Massachusetts and began his career starring in 1997 movie Good Will Hunting which he wrote alongside friend and fellow Hollywood star Ben Affleck. The 40-year-old actor won an ACADEMY-award for Best Original Screenplay and has since gone onto to establish himself as one of Hollywood's leading actors starring in movies such as the Bourne trilogy, The Departed and Invictus. He is currently filming new movie Elysium, a science-fiction drama in which he stars alongside Jodie Foster and is due for release in 2013.