The Bourne Identity star Matt Damon is beginning to feel upstaged by his co-star Angelina Jolie.

Matt, 36, stars alongside the stunning Angelina in The Good Shepard which tells the story of the early years of the CIA.

But it seems Matt can't be serious all the time and sometimes even the Good Will Hunting actor thinks about his position in the tabloid food chain.

According to the Mirror, Matt saw hoards of paparazzi gathered around the film sets when the Tomb Raider beauty was around: "When Angelina was working there were 40 cameras waiting."

In the Robert DeNiro-directed film Angelina plays the role of Clover, the wife of Matt, but Matt didn't suffer the press attention normally bestowed upon the real-life partner of the Mr and Mrs Smith actor.

Instead Matt managed to escape a press onslaught due to his high-profile co-star saying: "I'd walk past but they were like lions that had been fed. They just looked at me."

The Dogma actor is currently filming the third film in the casino trilogy Oceans Thirteen alongside Angelina's beau Brad Pitt but it seems Matt is only human in his dislike of being upstaged.

05/02/2007 07:52:27