Hollywood star Matt Damon has to work with a partner on his writing projects because he "can't do it" alone.

The Bourne Identity star won an Academy Award for the Good Will Hunting screenplay he co-wrote with Ben Affleck, and he recently teamed with The Office's John Krasinski to pen 2012 drama Promised Land.

Damon has now revealed he needs to team up with a writing partner on all his projects as he struggles to concentrate when left to work on his own.

He tells Britain's Radar magazine, "I need a writing partner. Or I can't do it. I was an English major at college and I hated the solitude of just staring at the computer screen, it drove me nuts. Creative writing is, of course, different from essay writing. It's more active - and when you have a partner to do it with, there's scope for improvisation and a lot more laughter...

"Often better writing happens by osmosis when two people hang out. Ben Affleck and I always had a blast when we wrote (together)."