Matt Damon's wife helps him to stay normal.

The 42-year-old actor has been married to Luciana, 36, for seven years and the 'Departed' star loves how supportive she is.

A source said: ''He's found the trick to having the most normal life possible. Luciana lets him work and is there for him when he needs her. He loves coming home to her after months on set.''

The couple - who raise four daughters together, Alexia, 14, Isabella, six, Gia, four, and two-year-old Stella - were planning to buy a home in New York but decided on Los Angeles in order to have more room for their family.

The insider added to Us Weekly magazine: ''Luciana wanted more space for the kids and Matt puts family first.''

Matt recently admitted he hopes his daughters don't want to follow him into acting.

He said: ''I would try to steer my daughters away from acting. Women are in a different business than we are. It is just brutal for women. For men, the roles get really good at 40 and beyond. And that's when you really start doing your best work.''