Matt Damon has a ''man area'' at his home.

The 'Behind the Candelabra' star has his own way of coping when he is at home with his wife and four daughters, and has created a secret den where he can get some peace.

Matt said: ''I barely manage. I do have a little 'man area' that I can go to that is kind of mine that they don't know about.''

The actor and writer played down the idea it is a large space, adding to People Magazine: ''It's a couple of Sports Illustrated magazines and my iPhone - basically like a closet where I go and shut myself in if the Oestrogen gets too crazy.''

The Oscar winner, 43, also said: ''The man cave is a work in progress, but that's my happy place.''

While the heartthrob doesn't put ''me'' time at the top of his agenda, he always goes out of his way to make sure he organises date nights with his wife, Luciana.

He said: ''We just literally go out to dinner and just sit and catch up and talk.

''We've got to be vigilant about it because if we don't make the time for it, it will never happen. We just make the time, basically.''